Quote from "Facts About Nudism"

"No doubt there are a few honest and sincere people in the Nudist movement. It is such as they who actually believe that mankind would profit by their own particular mode of living. But, on the whole, the people who comprise a majority of the nudist movement are nothing but sexual perverts, as it shall be proved in the following chapters. The movement, itself, has been characterized by Edward Dean Martin as being one of the "manic-depressive attacks of unbalanced individual minds" together with cross-word puzzlers, miniature golfers and prohibitionists. But it is much more than that. In 1930, there were 3,000,000 nudists in Germany alone. Now, there should be close to 5,000,000. In America, the last nudist census showed approximately 300,000 were practitioners with 80,000 of them subscribing to their official organ, THE NUDIST MAGAZINE. These numbers should indicate that the movement is more than another craze like miniature golf. There is a menace in its growth that should tempt the redbaiters from their tasks of ridding this country of Communists. For, in Nudism, there exists a credo that goes beyond the mere transposition of social status and wealth. Nudism, were it to become Universal, has in it the seeds of a moral disintegration that would disrupt the civilized world. It would take generations for Nudism to attain that idealistic plane which would be the perfect one for the practice to exist. In the meantime, generations of mankind would have to be sacrificed for it. Nudism is not worth the while. No movement is worth the life of one single man, let alone the lives of generations. It is for that reason that Nudism must be stamped out now, before it takes a canker hold on us."

taken from the introduction to
Facts About Nudism: The Real Truth About The Nudist Movement
By Hugh Morris
Padell Book Company, 830 Broadway, New York City, © 1935
by Franklin Publishing Company

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