Quick Definition of Grot

Non-living things I would miss the most
if my house burned to the ground.

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of Probable Grot Definition

Idle Musings on Grot

I am uncertain of the origin of the term "grot." I was a big fan of the British sitcom with the character Reginald Perrin, played by Leonard Rossiter. Reggie's success with his chain of stores aptly named Grot may be summarized as follows:
Whether "grot" is an accepted British term or even slang, I am unsure. My sixteen year old son Ryan suggests it might be a combined form of "garbage and rot," which makes sense to me.

"Reggie opens Grot, which stocks things that are of no value whatsoever, and sells them at high prices to people who will find them of no possible use. He makes a fortune. "
If there is a recuring theme in my life, its people questioning me about the things I have and why I have them. Which is not always an easy question to answer, depending upon the object the inquiry is directed. But overall, the fact the question has been even asked, implies a certain incredulity that the item even resides in my house. Some of the things in my house are rather nice and old, and suitable for antique shops, others are less socially acceptable.

But there are reasons I have them, albeit far-fetched in some cases, there is some personal connection to each one. So, I have taken to referring to my accumulation of "things" as simply grot. I present to you real stuff currently residing in my house that probably should be in the basement or attic (but isn't). Here is just a brief glimpse of the grot in my life. Should you decide to look, you may just learn a little about me. Just don't expect it to be fascinating, heart-warming, interesting or spectacular.

And don't bother e-mailing me to complain that it's a waste of time or that it isn't entertaining enough, because I won't respond. On the other hand, I might write back if you are constructive, offer suggestions and are at least polite.

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